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Shorts Khaki Washwell 10" Iconic Wash GAP Vintage

Khaki GAP 10" Washwell Iconic Vintage Wash Shorts nHHPq60w

Certificate of Identity for NSU, DKW, Auto Union and Audi vehicles
(after 1949)

The Certificate of Identity describes the original status of the vehicle
as delivered from the factory. It comes in form of a presentable
document enclosed in a folder. The available content may vary, depending
on the car type and age.
Note: For information concerning cars younger than 20 years, please

Please use the contact form to transfer the required vehicle data,
marked with the subject ‘services’. Further information can be found
under ‘Details’.

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Your Price: 74,99 EUR

Article number: D3-1000
(ordernumber: D3-1000)

Condition: New

Vintage Iconic 10" Wash Washwell GAP Shorts Khaki
In stock

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Shorts Iconic Vintage Washwell Khaki Wash GAP 10"
SKU (simple) A1023AAE0D6B23GS
Colour Iconic Khaki
Care label Machine wash cold
Material 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane